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Portable Vacuum Cleaner – G-Tech Gtech Airram

G-Tech Gtech Airram Cordless Vacuum

The GTech AirRam portable vacuum cleaner is so light that it can be lifted by a single finger.

Launched in series production in the UK, the GTech AirRam vacuum cleaner became the fastest growing brand in 2012 in the field of vacuum devices. Now this device is available in the US. This is a lightweight and highly efficient household appliance designed by Nicholas Gris. He made it so easy that the user can lift it with one of his fingers. So, “Dyson”, you have a serious, ambitious and advanced competitor. Read More

Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 Vacuum Review

We bought this to vacuum a large rug, a welcome rug and tiled floor. It is light and has an average suction power, which, of course, is not powerful enough for the hairy or long carpet fibers, but is well suited for dumping. Works well on tiles. He also pawns ALL the WAY of the PLANE WAY to easily succumb under the beds and couches. Unfortunately, there are many problems. Read More