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Eureka Quick Up Cordless 2 in 1 Vacuum Review

We bought this to vacuum a large rug, a welcome rug and tiled floor. It is light and has an average suction power, which, of course, is not powerful enough for the hairy or long carpet fibers, but is well suited for dumping. Works well on tiles. He also pawns ALL the WAY of the PLANE WAY to easily succumb under the beds and couches. Unfortunately, there are many problems.

Brushroll: He exists. I have a Pekingese with long hair, a long-haired boyfriend and my long hair. A contrived manikin is completely overloaded with this workload. The absolute confusion of hair is hopelessly wrapped around the brush after every two-week Eureka Quick Up Cordless vacuum cleaner. It needs to be cut, but this is difficult, because the roll moves up and down when the vacuum is turned off, and the bristles themselves have the same width of hair. These bristles fall into the hair and can easily be taken by the hair while cutting. Worse, the manuscript becomes useless with so much hair that has already been completed, and can no longer clean carpets.

Handle: The handle is attached to the unit with a two-section bolt. In two versions, the pieces parted, and I believe that I must have drawn one of the pieces, because now it has disappeared, and the bolt is useless. I had to stick a pen together, which is less than optimal. All bolts.

Quick-Up Cordless Vacuum

Dustbuster: I did not know that part of the dust collector that can be used separately without a stick had an 8-inch head that was still attached. Without a “nose” or “nozzle” you can not really aim. Thus, there is no need to suck the base plates, do not clean the edges of walls and ceilings. On the other hand, this 8-inch head of PERFECT for cleaning curtains, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Otherwise, it’s completely useless.

Dust collector: The hair and dirt wrap around the filter, and they need to be removed manually or hit the trash to get off. Not an ideal solution. I do not like to touch the dirt when I finished cleaning, and it happens every time. Like a roll of a brush, when it clogs, the device stops working. This is despite the fact that the garbage is not filled, just the hair is so tightly clamped around the filter. Wow, awful design.

Noise: exactly as loud as my compact stand.

Given that Eureka Cordless Vacuum is a glorified dust collector with a stick on its back, I expected it to work much better. Since my stick is currently taped, I probably could do the same for myself less! This is not at all a substitute for a compact vacuum and is more likely to fall into the “tanneries” or “patio” area.

The vacuum seems to fit my needs. I live in a tiny house (200 sq. Ft.) With a short-haired, but very dirty dog. I need to evacuate 2-3 times a week, so that hair does not accumulate, but they do not have storage space in the upright position. The motorized brush on this device seems to be good at weakening hair from the carpet, and it has enough suction to pick it up. I found that the canister and filter are easy to clean and clean, it’s good that I can wash the filter when it gets clogged with fine dirt.

My main complaint is that the lengthening of the handle is opaque, it moves in a vacuum.

Another, the biggest complaint is that the factory box was opened inside the Amazon box (it was obviously packed this way), and the bolt that is used to assemble the handle extension was not available. Sweet sauce. Not the fault of Eureka, the Amazon.

As a result: a good vacuum for small jobs, at a very affordable price.

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